and round and in lots of envelopes.  the seeds cluttering the dining room table are now kinda like tucked into two cardboard boxes.  lots of seeds.  cross my eyes seeds.  seeds full of dreams two summers from now.  and this is a seedling in Xenia this summer past.  a flower for the day.  two images…

rbg 9770 orchid star macro rbg 9770 orchid star det


7 thoughts on “sorted

  1. Dan Antion

    How do you keep this all in order John. Two years from now, something will bloom and you’ll tell us it’s so and so, daughter of whoseits and whatsits and I’ll just sit here scratching my head.

    1. John Hric Post author

      sometimes i do. sometimes i nearly do. and sometimes the garden says we don’t need that much order ( labels ! we don’t need no stinking labels – said by mother nature in a voice like the badges movie quote ) sometimes it is fun being wrong when i guess that one plant – two years later – is a child of such and such cross. there is humility planted at times in the garden. especially when a loose seed jumps into the row you think you know.


    I wish I was so energetic as to gather seeds. I did it with marigolds last years and was pleased to have new flowers this year, but my gardening was really pathetic this summer. I just did not get out after June and never got any vegetables from my plants. I have lived vicariously through your blog. Thanks!

  3. John Hric Post author

    i have had my share of disappointments with the veggies too. better luck next year with the garden. saving seeds for next season can be a lot of fun. glad you are enjoying the blog !


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