fall cleaning

in the garden that is.  some sections of the garden are changing.  clipped.  cleaned.  other sections will be done soon.  and others will wait until spring.  nature will not care much clipped or not.  however if i stop to look i can see that nature is still about her task.  some plants, though not all, are still intent on growing.  and lastly a couple pictures from back in July in Xenia.   four images…

garden cleaning IMG_5541 garden cleaning regrowth IMG_5541

rbg 9772 gold ruffle det rbg 9772 gold ruffle macro


7 thoughts on “fall cleaning

  1. hilarycustancegreen

    Ah, you’ve just reminded me, I need to find pictures of the irises in bloom last spring, so I know which were the ones I wanted to move and which ones keep and divide. I like the pretty roundness day-lily.

    1. John Hric Post author

      Hilary – find something to use for a flag or marker when you select a plant. Disposable plasticware knives white or bright colors make good markers. And you can write on them. Or the plastic flagging tape used in construction. Having said that I almost succeed at marking the plants I want to keep here. If you are at all familiar with the movie Secret of NIHM today is moving day in the garden. Actually it started several days ago and will continue several more. There are several that did not get flagged that I hope to remember / rediscover along the way. Good luck in your quest ! And yes that yellow gold ruffled one is a beauty. If there were more room here I would want one!

      1. John Hric Post author

        I have the same issues with the daylilies. Some i mark and some almost mark and then have to guess. Cause most of the seedlings do have to move at the end of the year.

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