garden contenders

this is the slow part of the season.  flowers are mostly done.  seed pods are mostly done.  still the sun is shining and warm.  the lake may keep the frosts away for several weeks.  in the winter we can get lake effect snow.  and in the fall the lake is still warm, warm enough to chase away a frost while areas just a few miles south of us are frosted.  don’t worry it is the opposite in the spring.  lake effect cool delays our bloom a week or two while areas a few miles south are in bloom.  i will enjoy this bloom while it lasts.  some daylilies are still trying to bloom.  pods are ripening and splitting open.  and other flowers fill in the gaps.  lantana, a zinnia with a curious eye of purple, and a bright yellow zinnia.  one with a very busy center…  five images…

buds and pod det 5547 pod 5567 det

lantan 5565 macro zinnia pink purple eye 5552 det

zinnia yellow IMG_5557 det zinnia yellow IMG_5557 macro


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