step on

dirt.  we are not walking on sunshine or water.  we are in the garden in Xenia and moving down the rows of plants.  kind of mystical.  more kind of practical.  one step after another and one plant after another.  here are two siblings.  or so it would seem.  two different seeds from the same cross grown out.  some things are different.  and some are similar.  both have a purple eye pattern on a cream colored petal.  both have a dip in the top center of the eye pattern creating  a division in the shape of the pattern.  and if you look out to the edge of the petal you will see a little bit of color rising back up.  it gives the pattern another division, one at both edges of the petal.  it has probably happened before in other gardens.  it it just the first time i have seen a shape like this.  there are many things happening in the garden.  some that we may not have seen.  you, i, we just need to keep our eyes open.  four images…

rbg 9820 pattern macro rbg 9820 pattern det rbg 9819 pattern macro rbg 9819 pattern det

8 thoughts on “step on

    1. John Hric Post author

      Dan, I am glad to find out your weaknesses. Better though that you enjoy them. I am running through a folder of pictures from a garden trip July 3 in Xenia. It rained that day. So there will be plenty of raindrops until I get to July 4th….

  1. knightwriter96

    Beautiful pictures & words to match that sound like poetry! Also, so true that if we keep our eyes open, the beauty in some of the most amazing of God’s awesome creation is always within our view! Thanks for sharing such a lovely post! 🙂


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