part of the hybridizing game is noticing a new characteristic and building on it.   crossing the plant back to itself or to other plants that reinforce that characteristic and sometimes you end up with a dramatically different looking flower.  the first flower has one midrib that is folded up above the surface of the rest of the petal.  the midrib has a flat top surface instead of a rounded surface.  is it something that can be genetically reinforced ?  what will the next generation look like ?  it comes down to watching, a bit of imagination, and then choosing that next right cross.  and since these flowers are not in my garden the what if game is purely fun dreaming.  until the dream comes back to my own garden.  four images.  the second flower has the normal rounded midribs.

pp 9823 orchid det pp 9823 orchid macro

pp 9824 det pp 9824 macro


3 thoughts on “midrib

    1. John Hric Post author

      Thanks Beth. Glad you enjoy it ! It is amazing what details show up if we take the time to look carefully. Some days we don’t have the time. Other days we just don’t make the time… Have a great weekend !


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