what now ?

we have made it to the end of the row.  and the end of the pictures from July 3rd in Xenia.  these are the last two flowers.  both rather interesting in their own ways…pp 9998 det pp 9998 macro pp 9999 det pp 9999 macro



3 thoughts on “what now ?

  1. Dan Antion

    The ones at the bottom ave a pattern I don’t remember seeing before. Interesting. the close up looks like someone was drawing a house on the flower. Maybe this plant wants to come inside for the winter John.

  2. John Hric Post author

    Dan, Interesting description. I am glad the flower drew you out ! I used to be much more open to indoor plants. the older I get the less so. daylilies are not indoor plants. most plants when moved indoors require too much baby sitting. and i say that having just moved several lantana and a gardenia down the basement for the winter. however that is me. if you enjoy plants in the house go ahead and do it. lots of people start their daylily seeds in the house during winter. i tried it a few times. much simpler and for me saner to start them out in the garden. now as for that flower, I just might find a spot for it in the garden – if the other gardener was willing to part with it. i might have to wait though. the reason it was being carried around is it was the last bloom of the season for that plant. i do believe it got selected that day. in fact we spent some time helping find the plant and put a flag on it for next year. that is another story. have a great weekend !


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