many days later

these pictures are from this summer.  back in July to be specific.  and it is good to look back on them.  better than to look at a mostly empty garden now.  the leaves are pretty much gone from the trees.  there are some annuals still growing next to the house.  and the zinnias are still blooming as we have not had a killing frost.  the rest of the garden has been cleared for winter.  and in not too many days when the frost does hit those annuals will be gone overnight.  so here are some pictures from July in Dayton Oh.  four images…

nsb 9902 det nsb 9903 detnsb 9910 det nsb 9903 macro

2 thoughts on “many days later

  1. John Hric Post author

    Darn I dislike it greatly when you are so right. I do believe we had a strong frost last night. Will see what the annuals look like when I get home tonight. I frequently think that I need this daylily trip to the digital garden as much as I like to share it with you. I totally agree Clare ! Thank you !


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