more than July

the three flowers today are from July.  this past weekend i got to go back to Dayton and see even more daylilies.  maybe more than i can imagine.  it was the Shirley Farmer hybridizer meeting.  about 70 people all quite interested in daylilies.  a place for anyone  interested in hybridizing daylilies to share ideas and dreams.  beginners and people long past reclamation by therapy  met this weekend.  they shared pictures of their flowers this summer.  it was a magnificent overdose of fun in the garden.  now back to those pictures from this summer.  six images…

nsb 9912 det nsb 9912 macro nsb 9913 det nsb 9913 macro nsb 9914 det nsb 9914 macro

2 thoughts on “more than July

  1. John Hric Post author

    I wish I could share some of the pictures. Unfortunately they are not mine to share. Let’s just say there were about 30 presenters and guestimate the average presentation was around 100 slides give or take a few. either way I saw just enough daylilies to come away completely and totally happy, inspired, content, and several other positive and learning adjectives…. thank you Clare ! PS – combine that with getting to see all 5 granddaughters this weekend, what could be better ? ! ? !!!


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