silent to full.  and still in a silent mood.  except the fullness is a realization.  whether or not each one of us is ready to move on the world does not pause.  so each of us will be dragged along ready or not.  today one of those events was the passing of a gardener.  a gardener and a gentle kind soul.  a teacher both inside and outside of school.  he shared his knowledge of the daylily with many people.  and as i reflected on his life it became clear that parts of the garden and life are full because of him.  i hope that each of us in time can find a fullness to carry forward.  two images.  gifts from Clayton to the garden.  one is in memory of an older loss and fullness.  and the other is the future.  Lola Branham and Starman’s Quest …

lola b det 2 starman's quest



9 thoughts on “full

    1. John Hric Post author

      Starman’s Quest is out of Trahlyta. Two excellent flowers. I find myself coming back to them all the time. Not just for another look, to see what the pollen and seeds will do. Starman’s Quest is a 40 inch 102 cm tall plant. Double the height of Trahlyta. And like you said both of them gorgeous colors.

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