life is full of them.  positive distractions.  negative distractions.  neutral and new direction distractions.  so here we go.  we can come back to Dayton July garden walks later.  these are pictures from the fall garden clean up.  an extended garden bed ( room for more plants and less grass.)  a few plants that forgot to check their internal calendar (for which the bees are no doubt grateful.)  and in closing a couple of images of Clayton’s Birdwing Butterfly.

cleared garden areas IMG_5888new drive bed IMG_5915

determined scape nov_16 IMG_5917buds nov_16


begonia nov_16birdwing butterflybirdwing butterfly det


4 thoughts on “distractions

  1. booklovinggrandma

    Our lives are so full of distractions. While it is easy to become frustrated when they interfere with our daily schedules and plans, perhaps they are sending us a message. A call from a little grandson who shows off his increasing vocabulary; a tree in full leaf when its neighbors are bare; a lovely almost-full moon rising when the clock says it’s still day; and more teach us that pausing to enjoy the beauty of our world and the people in our lives gives us renewed vitality to tackle our everyday tasks. Thank you for this lovely post and for liking my blog.


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