a dash of chaos

pardon my misguided optimism.  there is a slight miniscule imperceptible chance that it is more than a dash of chaos.  i try to keep track of what plants and seedlings are in the garden.  and what plants have made it here to the blog.  there are plants that manage to evade that purpose.  when they are found they hopefully make their way here.  such is the case tonight.  Chesapeake Light has been here a year or two.  and if it is not too crowded by its neighbors and it is taken with our garden and clime should grow taller than that fence behind it.  it should also have more branching and flowers than it has shown in its short time here.  these are ifs that may come to be.  and not completely influenced by the plant.  my crowded garden and the northern Ohio climate do have an influence.  so we will watch what Chesapeake Light does in the coming years.  and think on what might be a good cross.  perhaps Starman’s Quest would combine to make some very interesting seedlings.  the two plants share some physical traits yet come from different genetic lines.  i will have to put that note into the anti-chaos note storage unit for next summer.  three images…

Chesapeake Light grdn IMG_0910 Chesapeake Light det IMG_0910 Chesapeake Light macro IMG_0910

5 thoughts on “a dash of chaos

  1. TamrahJo

    Recognizing meaning or beauty or possibilities, within the chaos, seems, to my perspective, one of the greatest gifts Mother Nature has bestowed upon humans….

    So, of course, from that perspective – (cuz I know nada about gardening on purpose – LOL) have to say… “Fantabulous post” ! 🙂

  2. angela1313

    It’s quite lovely, I do hope it prospers. I think in nature a little chaos can be magical, it’s chaos generated by humans I have trouble with.


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