gardenesque style.  i have already confused the search engines.   and gardenesque has given the dictionary its nightly spasm.  then again if you are not stretching the borders then they are ready to start contracting.  so let’s wander in that growing expanding direction.  tonight’s flower is an oldie. though not nearly as old as me.  cannot say that about some of the other flowers here.  it is called Flower Shop.  25 years is a good long time for a flower to be around.  though it may not be as available as i imagine.  the search engines did not seem to find it.  though with a name like flower shop it might be too ambiguous to stand out from the general chaff the search engines return.  and i ramble.  and ramble onwards.  it is one of the favored 300 or so daylilies that i find very infatuating.  that is opposed to 300 or 600 others i find generally infatuating.  don’t worry it is not a problem.  and when they all start blooming all that pretty is not a problem either.  the fun part of this rambling is it sometimes generates self assigned homework.  there are a few seedlings here from Flower Shop.  and the homework might make for more.  i have yet to find the prefered mood music for it or its parent Kate Carpenter.  i will let you know how i did when i turn in the homework in a couple of years. ( one of the reasons self assigned homework is not so bad ).   do you know anyone else who talks about mood music for flowers ?  five images…

flower shop IMG_2714 grdn flower shop IMG_2714 detflower shop IMG_2714 macro flower shop IMG_2714 macro_2flower shop IMG_2714 macro_3


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