slight chance

that one day i will accidentally say something just a tiny bit profound.  even though i mostly stand in silent awe of these flowers.  and nature.  words are rarely adequate.  we jump too soon at words before we can begin to behold what grows in front of and around us.  not just in space.  also in time.  flowers and nature build on a scale civilization has yet to grasp.  so take a moment or many.  sit back and begin to wonder.  imagine.  resist words as long as you can.  silent.  observant.  listening.  and then make a chance to come back for more silence.  five images of a flower named Ego.  perhaps we will get to that another day…

ego IMG_2722 grdn ego IMG_2722 detego IMG_2722 macro ego IMG_2722 macro_3ego IMG_2722 macro_5


6 thoughts on “slight chance

  1. Lulu

    Thanks for visiting my blog! I used to live in Western Central PA so we were (almost) neighbors! You have some lovely pictures here; thanks for sharing!


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