once there was a garden.  and though it now sleeps it will be a garden again.  memories.  they may not hold back the snow and the cold.  and they may not make its grip less stubborn.   still they remind us winter and its storms will eventually give way.  and the flowers will return.  stay safe.  stay warm.  remember.  five images…

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8 thoughts on “once

  1. TamrahJo

    Yesterday, so warm and spring like here, I found myself wanting to get out the rake and get started! Today, too – but realize, minute I do that, I just guaranteed a 3-day blizzard and sub-zero cold snap for us – LOL – ahh, while I’m grateful for the lil mini-breaks from winter we always seem to get here in Colorado, I also have tried to not be lured into a false sense of hope that spring arrived early this year! LOL

    1. John Hric Post author

      somedays – no matter how tempting the weather – we must realize winter is far from over. i expect it will not be till mid or later March that we will have that final break in winter. And in Colorado that last gust of winter is an even more mercurial date. Still we will all be glad when it eventually comes.

    1. John Hric Post author

      it got warm overnight and was 47 fahrenheit this morning. Tonight on the way back home the temps have fallen back to normal, just above freezing. the good side of this – all of the ice is off the walkways. thanks Hilary !

  2. lulu

    My garden is waking up and filling with hints of what is to come. Thanks to winter, some plants didn’t make it but there are new ones waiting as replacements.


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