bee watchful

did you see that ?  good.  neither did i.  it could be the work of several busy bees.  or an incomplete conversion of a diploid flower to a tetraploid.  or little green men…  what ever it was someone flipped the switch for chaos factor involved.  in fact after searching the web for images chaos remains in charge.  next summer i need to wade through those flowers and get to the back of the bed and put name to flower image.  this is almost certainly not Watchyl Cyber Spider.  what it is very certainly some other pretty daylily.  two images…

not Watchyl Cyber Spider IMG_2226 macro not Watchyl Cyber Spider IMG_2226 det


3 thoughts on “bee watchful

  1. John Hric Post author

    mostly it is my usual state of confusion. I am usually able to tell from an image and the number of the photos on either side where things are in the garden. and often right down to the plant name. now if i am working from a single photo and no other references it is much easier to get confused. This photo – even with reference photos on either side still has me confused. Pretty sure it is a named plant that I have purchased. I just have no recollection at the moment which plant it is. next summer I should be able to match up picture, bloom, label, and name. And for a fleeting moment the chaos will diminish. It is a chaos i am used to and can easily deal with. So no it is not completely new. Maybe a relatively new purchase. Or a newer memory that is not completely locked in place. Thanks Cynthia !


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