specifically Mera’s Magic.  and february mostly needs all the magic it can get.  today’s 55 degrees fahrenheit temperature does not do much to change that opinion.  the average temperature is 35.  this weather is not even good for winter sports.  five images…

Mera's Magic

Mera’s Magic

Mera's Magic img 2115 det Mera's Magic img 2115 macro_3 Mera's Magic img 2115 macro_2 Mera's Magic img 2115 macro_1


4 thoughts on “magic

  1. TamrahJo

    Seriously?!? 55 degrees? Why that’s spring sunbathing weather – while working in the garden, of course….LOL (from one who sat in front of computer doing work during the beautiful spring days that graced my neck of the woods last week, instead of sunbathing while gardening – – LOL)


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