did you know titles are sometimes more difficult than finding a picture ?  and i just went and used a really good one.  42   perhaps a flower for vogons will be another option.  weaker yet still an option.  so now that the sticky wicket of the title is out of the way can we get to the flower ?   six images…

14-000 drk spdr IMG_2195 grdn 14-000 drk spdr 2195 det 14-000 drk spdr 2195 macro_4 14-000 drk spdr 2195 macro_3 14-000 drk spdr 2195 macro_2 14-000 drk spdr 2195 macro_1


6 thoughts on “42

  1. xxbeckyxxbxx

    I love this #42. Simple lines, nice color, looks like it meets the ratio for true spider and has that nice wide open look to it. Would like more information on this one!

  2. John Hric Post author

    It was part of the chaos move this fall. I hope it made the move. At this point I am not sure where it ended up. If I did you can be sure to see more of it and some details. Glad to hear you like it. Thanks


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