it does snow in winter.   we have been leading a charmed winter so far.  most of the really cold and messy weather has gone around us.  even now that is probably truer than i want to know.  we do have five days of snowy cold temps in front of us.  and February is just started.  so we will just take it one winter day at a time.  now one of those un-snowflakes from summer.  six images…

lav sdlg img2033 grdn lav sdlg img2033 det lav sdlg img2033 macro_4 lav sdlg img2033 macro_3 lav sdlg img2033 macro_2 lav sdlg img2033 macro


5 thoughts on “does

  1. Russell J. Fellows

    We too have had quite the warm winter with only a couple of weak snow falls. Unfortunately, it seems it might be done with for us around here. I like snow, and would love some good freezes (to take the bug population down a bit). Beautiful flower there.


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