such it is.  an unusual day is followed by a more normal day.  so it is back to february from what was more like a summer day.  so let’s go back to a flower.  five images…

Licorice Twist

Licorice Twist

Licorice Twist img 1647 det Licorice Twist img 1647 macro_4 Licorice Twist img 1647 macro_3 Licorice Twist img 1647 macro_2 Licorice Twist img 1647 macro_1


16 thoughts on “such

  1. John Hric Post author

    It is deep. And it does a good job of holding the color all day long. Not all of them do that. Some intentionally and others not. Glad you enjoy it Cynthia !

      1. John Hric Post author

        WG – deer candy is a contest. mainly training the deer not to be at home in your/my yard. I will let you know how I do with that game this season. I have had to put up a barrier to keep them out of the bird feeder. do you think they will sprout wings ! ? !

      2. woodlandgnome

        They will sprout whatever it takes, John. I look at it this way… what else do they have to think about besides getting to the best food available? They are so clever and absolutely determined. We can’t see how they possibly travel in the tiny places they find to slip through into our garden. My admiration for you has just quadrupled, to know you grow such lovely lilies while also fighting off the deer-<3 ❤ ❤

      3. John Hric Post author

        despite our proximity to the park system they were not a problem until the last couple of years. So far they are staying outside the barrier around the bird feeder. I guess it begs the question who is training who ?

      4. woodlandgnome

        Usually the case when a hungry animal is involved…. It sounds as though growing deer herds have become a problem in many parts of the country. Hunters for the Hungry help in our area. That is one way to manage the numbers while also helping those in need- Hope you have a good day, today, John. Are you on the snowy or the windy side of things today? We’re under threat of severe storms, and hoping they fizzle out before they hurt anyone today- Best, Elizabeth

      5. woodlandgnome

        What a mess this monster is! We are under warnings into the night. Wind and rain here now, too. Not a day to tromp through the garden- Hope it soon passes you by.

    1. John Hric Post author

      you have kinda hit my answer. I have been collecting and hybridizing daylilies for several years now. We have about 500 plants we have acquired from various sources – these are named varieties. And then there are my seedlings which without counting we will arbitrarily put the guesstimate at another about 1,200. And this is a musical chairs number. Each year I plant about 600 seeds. They stick around for 3 years at the end of which I pick about 50 that for one reason or another catch my interest. So there are plenty of comings and goings. And I have lots of favorites. Hundreds. And this one you like would be one of them. I tend to favor plants that have skinny petals similar to this one. Still there are doubles and full round forms that get my attention too. So yes I like a lot of them. Thanks for your comment and question ! I am glad you enjoy the flower ! Oh and I like dandelions too !

      1. MyDandelionMind

        Wow, your work is amazing! I always remember growing up a decent sized clump of an orange-red one which grew next to the path. It reminds me of summer childhood whenever I think of it. They are such happy flowers. I’m doing up the front garden at the moment and I’d like to put one in. I’ll let you know when I decide upon a variety!
        I always admire the dedication and love that plant breeders show to their chosen genus 🙂 Keep up the great work!

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