vein infusion

i go into garden to have no worries.  or at least little worries.  so why allow other worries here.  this is an extension of the garden.  not an extension of worries.  put your worries in the weed pail then throw the weeds on top and compost the lot of them.  now about that flower.  four images…

american revolution QQ IMG_0035 macro_3 american revolution QQ IMG_0035 macro_2 american revolution QQ IMG_0035 macro_1 american revolution QQ IMG_0035 grdn

4 thoughts on “vein infusion

    1. John Hric Post author

      Yup. They really accent the bloom. I may have to try crossing a veined against veined this summer. If for nothing else to satisfy curiosity.

  1. Kathy

    John, the first photo with its extraordinary detail and color contrast is the most beautiful thing I’ve seen today. You have no idea how therapeutic–


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