how ?

point and shoot.  i still do a lot of that when taking pictures.  sometimes the flower.  sometimes the clump.  and rarely the yard.  that may change a little next summer.  the hand and the finger still remember find a flower take a picture.  hopefully the cognitive space between the aural organs will occasionally interrupt and take that first step into the stories that might hold more than a single slice and view of the garden.  perhaps not too frequently, just enough to change the pace and the space.  and no the spent flowers, the growing buds and other less than photo staged elements will still be in the pictures.  even the occasional leaf crudely bisecting the image.  nature in the garden does not pose.  it dares us to capture and to see.   even more it dares us to understand its on going contest.  Yang not Yin.  Yin is there looking darkly to the fence and possible escape.  Or looking to something that will take me seasons to begin to fathom.  how ?  it occurs to me that the garden, nature demands we listen with all our senses.  three images…

yang IMG_3032 not yin macro yang IMG_3032 not yin grdn yin or is it yang QQQ det


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