did i worry too much ?

did i worry enough?  were there too many purples one day after another?  do i keep posting my favorite flowers ?  and not show enough variety ?  were the pictures good enough ?  and so the list goes on and on.  and then there is the big question…. did i post a picture of a flower today?  answer : three images…  and the universe can keep on spinning.  oh and my answer is also a little Left Of Center.  enjoy.

Left of Center IMG_3474 macro Left of Center IMG_3474 det Left of Center IMG_3474 clmp


4 thoughts on “did i worry too much ?

    1. John Hric Post author

      Thanks Nia. I do not worry too much. Still this is the thought process many a night when I sit down to post. And usually the final thought is to just pick a picture beautiful or rough and share it.


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