no a to z today.  it is the weekend.  a to z will resume on monday.  so for today and tomorrow it is free choice.  this is an end of day picture of a rather unusual daylily.  most daylilies fade over the course of the day.  this is one of those exceptions.  this is Unique Purple.  you will have to imagine the morning picture or look at some of the other pictures of Unique Purple.  and maybe this summer i will work on before and after pictures.  and work on alternate pictures from days when the temperature influences the color.  three images and a building sense of wonder.

Unique Purple img 4876 grdn Unique Purple img 4876 macro Unique Purple img 4876 det



19 thoughts on “weekend

    1. John Hric Post author

      Thanks Beth. A lot of purple daylilies are temperature/weather sensitive. The color changes from day to day with the weather. I think that is where the ‘unique’ comes from.

  1. maryannniemczura

    I finally saw the daffodils open yesterday and now they are snow-covered. We had a blast of arctic air and several inches of snow. Mother Nature’s April Fool’s Day joke on us. Happy gardening.

    1. John Hric Post author

      We were out of town for the weekend. We missed the snow. When we got home tonight all the snow was gone. Mother nature does have a sense of humor.

  2. Rebecca Blubaugh

    Of the 3 Sisters, UP is the smallest in both scape and flower size, but her color sure packs a wallop! I have TRAHLYTA and have wanted the third one – whose name I can NEVER remember! Only wanted all 3 to say I had them as breeding is only a dab here and there now and generally with my own stock of specific “Other” cultivars.

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