and we move on

today’s flower is brought to you by the letter d.  it is also brought to you by this garden.  it was grown and named here.  it is called Dark Counterpoint.  like all flowers it is many things.  it is a slightly unusual color combination.  the skinny petals in back are darker.  mostly they would be similar shade to the main flower or are lighter than the front set of petals.  and the colors can change from a reddish purple to a silver and purple combination.  four images…

dark counterpoint IMG_1487 det dark counterpoint IMG_1964  dark counterpoint dark counterpoint nods sale macro_1

6 thoughts on “and we move on

  1. Teresa C.

    Soooo beautiful. Love flowers. My best flowers are the ones that I take from the seed packet and blow to the ground. haha

    I agree about the daylilies. They are so faithful. Planted six or seven last year and didn’t lose one.

    1. John Hric Post author

      Thanks Teresa. The seeds and mother nature do know how to fend for themselves. They have been doing it for eons. Glad to hear your daylilies are doing well.


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