e is for

Ego.  can a plant have an ego ?  the person who grew this plant from seed, selected it, and then named it might have thought so.   in some manner the name was deemed fitting.  i could speculate.  or i could let you make up your own mind.  what do you think ?   four images…

ego IMG_1116 grdn ego det  ego img 1696 macro_2 ego img 3179 macro_1


9 thoughts on “e is for

  1. John Hric Post author

    Cynthia – once you start looking for it you will see most of the daylily blooms repeat this behavior. Loosely speaking the color pattern on the stamen repeat what is going on in the petals. glad you enjoy the flower ! Thanks !

  2. Nicola Burggraf

    Beautiful flowers. I love the colours. I don’t think flowers have egos 🙂 That would take away my pleasure of looking at them.

    1. John Hric Post author

      Nicola. I don’t want to take away your enjoyment of the flowers. If the ego thing gets in the way let’s just leave it out of the discussion. There are more ways than one to discuss and share flowers. That was just a starting point and the conversation can go many ways. Thanks!


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