after e

and before g.  fortunately.  fortunately i am not required to keep rhyming.  this is a daylily gardening page.  if you are at all cautious and aware of the lines from the Princess Bride you will beware of the rhyme of the oft mistaken legume.  it comes on the heels of ‘stop that rhyming and i mean it ! ‘  now is the time to hope for the flower and the picture.  Flower Shop a simple pink flower.  some, myself included, would say it is simply beautiful.  if you set aside hurry you might just be lucky enough to find it.  it goes with a large measure of peace.  so step into the garden.  four images…

flower shop IMG_2496 grdn flower shop img 0829 det flower shop img 3516 macro_2 flower shop img 3516 macro_1


14 thoughts on “after e

      1. John Hric Post author

        It is covered in a fluffy blanket of white this AM. Three inches of white. Not expecting it to be too badly bruised by the weather. The forecast is looking warmer….

      2. maryannniemczura

        That means it’s coming our way. I saw the forecast. At some point, spring weather will win and enter our picture. We are getting the ground prepared i.e. my husband was.

      3. John Hric Post author

        Maryann – I pretty much plant only one thing – daylilies. Though there are a few other things that sneak into the garden. My wife plants the annuals and I do the daylilies. I hybridize and plant mostly from seed and buy a plant here and there if I really like the look or more likely want to use it as a parent. I will try to remember. However feel very free to ask. Those senior moments. Which brings me to my new line ( thanks for the inspiration) The garden is the one room that I never wonder ‘now what did I come in here for ?…’

      4. maryannniemczura

        Hahaha. A sense of humor too. Those senior moments are challenging at times. We plant mainly edibles like herbs I like to use in cooking and some veggies like collards. Of course tomatoes and whatever else my husband want to. I just purchased my first Edelweiss plant and will see how it fares outdoors later in the season.

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