sunday is fun day

or a non alpha day.  monday is the return of the letter after h.  the letter that will not be named today.  not even if ichabod crane should try to induce me or threaten with irrigation ( it can be dangerous ) or incur with infamy.  so  back to today’s fun day flower.   it is Parfait.  it is an oldie.   it is a goodie.  and it is a tallie.  is that too much iteration ?  any way i like the pose Parfait brings to the garden.  did someone plant it too close to sunflowers ?   where else did they learn to face the same direction ?  and no they do not track the sun.  six images…

parfait IMG_9174 grdn parfait array  parfait img 9174 pair parfait img 9174 macro


4 thoughts on “sunday is fun day

    1. John Hric Post author

      Tall, skinny, spidery, and older genetics – everything I like in a daylily. 1951 to be specific and parents unknown. And yes I very much agree with the gorgeous part ! Thank you !


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