i is for Ilse

part of the fun of the garden is sharing the flowers with family and friends.  not just giving.  letting them choose a flower of their own.  we started with Arianna’s Aria a flower chosen by my granddaughter.  tonight is Ilse’s Own a flower chosen by my granddaughter’s grandmother.  there will be more chosen flowers later.  we will just have to let the alphabet play out.  for now three images…

ilse's own det

ilse's own macro_2 ilse's own macro_1


2 thoughts on “i is for Ilse

  1. libbylottie

    wow, that’s a gorgeous color! John, do you think there’s a scientific reason the middles are always the bright yellow? Is it nature’s way to attract pollinators?

    1. John Hric Post author

      Libby – the flowers are bright yellow to us. Depending on the flower and the pollinators the range of colors in the center are evolved to do what you mention – attract pollinators. Many insects can see in the UV range of colors that we cannot see. The bright yellow and throat is part of that. However the bright yellow can and sometimes is other colors in daylilies. There used to be quite a few orange throats too. Daylily hybridizers got fascinated with yellow and bred the flowers to produce yellow throats and avoided the orange in their crosses. You can find older plants with orange throats. The current fashion is for big green throats. No matter what visual color the hybridizers and gardening public enjoy – as long as the UV colors keep bringing in the pollinators things will be okay. If you search on UV flower images you will get an idea of what the pollinators see. Thanks !


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