nobody cares

this is a good nobody cares.  an in the garden nobody cares.  why ?  because l is for Little Rainbow.  it is a small short little flower.  it is named for a rainbow and it does not even have all of the colors of the rainbow.  and nobody cares.  it is just that pretty.  so why don’t i stop wasting my breath and let you feast your eyes.  five images…

little rainbow IMG_1483 grdn little rainbow IMG_1481 det little rainbow img 1481 macro_3 little rainbow img 1481 macro_2 little rainbow img 1481 macro_1


14 thoughts on “nobody cares

  1. Rebecca Blubaugh

    Hey, I care! LITTLE RAINBOW (Reckamp, ’63) was beautifully named and being so tiny (24 x 2 inches, only a true aficionado of the diminutive would be able to appreciate it’s loveliness. I have a couple of selected seedlngs out of ITSY BITSY SPIDER by ENNIE WEENIE (Arden, ’76) that could benefit from the introduction of this breeding line. The drawback would be in the form as I have these ear-marked for going in a different direction, opening the form a lot more and bringing them closer to spider ratio, Still, it might just be worth it! to get the Redkamp breeding lines.

  2. John Hric Post author

    Thanks Dan ! Actually the point I was attempting to make was no one cares about the limited pallet of Little Rainbow. It is so pretty it does not need the rest of the rainbow… maybe I should have just come out and said it ? Oh well. We try and we learn. Does this learning trying stuff ever stop ? I hope not. Have a great weekend Dan ! We have a two granddaughter birthday party tomorrow. Should be…. what does Tony T. say….? grrrrrrr……… ! and yes there will be food!


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