or not.  can i go back and forth with the new and old format ?  and by new format, to me at least, i mean the choice of the slide show or the non slide show images.  i think what i find most awkward about the slide show is level of obscurity to bring a full screen image.  it becomes more remote, even if it is just one or two more clicks.  smokey that is tonight’s flower.  a seedling that tends to the dark and smokey colors most of the time.  you decide.  five or so images.  slide show tonight.  tomorrows we will experiment with other options…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



7 thoughts on “choosing

  1. xxbeckyxxbxx


    I rather like the slid show for displaying more than 3 views of the same seedling or group of seedlings, but I feel for the individual image is it best to go with the largest single image this blog format will allow. (or 2 different views.

    1. John Hric Post author

      Thanks Becky. The slide show works in some ways. And not as good in others. I think it will be some days slide shows and some days other ways. With a dash of learning curve…

  2. hilarycustancegreen

    Hmm, with the old images, you can make a quick comparison from one to the other, but with the slide show you get a slower and more detailed look at each image – both have their virtues.

    1. John Hric Post author

      Another six weeks or so of trial and error and I might figure it out. Just a matter of selecting the right virtues for the right flower…. thanks Hilary !

    1. John Hric Post author

      Thanks Cynthia. Never thought what it would do on other devices. Technology works so well until it doesn’t like on another device. I will keep that in mind.

      1. cynthiamvoss

        It’s a shame that it doesn’t work on my phone. WP always says they want to be more mobile friendly, which is why they kept changing the new post page.

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