lilylacs, compost piles, birdbath mushrooms, and more.

some pictures from the yard a week or so back and more from today.  spring is here.  the yard, the garden is growing.  it is still early and most of the labels are visible.  i must have flunked the quiz so i have to keep studying those labels.  the image is a strange one.  compost piles hold down their corner of the yard.  and the rest of the yard would not be the same without them.  a strange mushroom shaped birdbath dominates the center of the garden still in its winter pose.  the game of musical plants continues with new plants tagged with flag tape names arrive.  and older plants move to new locations and out.   plants selected for review settle into their new bed.  the seedling bed that was ignored last summer is emptied and turned.  a sea of white markers dominate the 3rd year seedling bed.   soon they will be submerged by blooms.  and the bed to the left awaits clearing and seeding too.  buds have been spotted on the early lemon lily daylilies.  so bloom cannot be too far away.  so while we lilylacs some lilacs will have to do. i think they are in a fibonacci spiral so i will take it as sign of things too come.   many images…

sea of markers IMG_7232 compost pile IMG_7247 musical chairs IMG_7241 musical chairs2 IMG_7240 phase 2 seedlings IMG_7242 yearly seedling beds IMG_7245 lilac IMG_7249 bloom lilac img 7251 macro



10 thoughts on “lilylacs, compost piles, birdbath mushrooms, and more.

      1. shanjeniah

        Mother’s Day is a tricky proposition for me. I’m estranged from an abusive mother, and one of our children died in infancy.

        I did have a lovely day of letting my currently nocturnal teen sleep (I barely saw him), and taking my pre-teen swimming, out for ice-cream, and to my writing group.

        Just right.

        The white lilacs in the backyard are blooming! The lavender ones in the front yard are still a few days off, but getting closer. =)

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