so it begins

or very very soon it begins.  i mentioned the Lemon Lily buds.  today someone in north western Ohio – Findlay to be specific posted a picture of a daylily with an equally advanced flower scape.  if gardening was the Game of Thrones we could start whispering ‘flowers are coming’ in a semi foreboding way.  soon will do quite well in any stead.  hand me my vest pocket watch and long floppy ears.  oh and the queue card that says ” i’m late i’m late  ! ”   yes there is much to do and nature will steamroll along.   the question will  be what to do ? and which whos to cross ?  should i put like on like ?  same color on same color ?   one shape on another hoping to carry  other qualities into the other ?  the dance begins.  will we run along the shore feet in the sand ?  or just in the water ?  or a little bit of both ?  be brave and look for difficult results ?  or look for little sure bets ?  two images to go with the questions.  and oh the big clods of dirt got tenderized today.  one step closer to seeds going in the ground.  i’m late…

substantial evidence img 8212 sdlng 12-000 img 5211


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