waiting can make one itchy.  that mental state.  not physical at all.  we were in Columbus visiting family this weekend.   while we there one of the early lemon lily daylilies bloomed back at home.  crappy snowy weather and all.   pretty good chance the bloom did not open well because of the weather.  the good news is the bloom season is closer and closer.  before the end of may.  so while i am waiting might as well get hit with a Cup of Cold Water, calm down, and carry on.  three images…  and a small drop of adult patience.  what ever that may be.

cup of cold water macro cup of cold water det cup of cold water det


9 thoughts on “itchy

    1. John Hric Post author

      Is that a good itchy ? I am not a real big fan of ruffles in general. However i do appreciate their beauty. And I do like a bit of variety in the garden. Each variety makes the other shapes, colors, and forms stand out from one another….

      1. Isabella Simons

        I don’t know. Just itchy. Like when I look at a bunch of ants crawling around I get itchy. It is a beautiful flower, though.. 🙂

  1. The Road to Joy

    This is absolutely gorgeous. Surely this can’t be the one that bloomed in the snow–have you taken a photo of it since returning from Columbus? Hope you are enjoying something warmer than a Cup of Cold Water tonight…unless that comes in a pocket flask!

    1. John Hric Post author

      thanks Dan. On different days each flower tends to open a bit differently. Some days more curled back and other days more open. And of course it depends where in the opening cycle I take the picture. And that depends on the light and the rain and the schedule. Some days the tow truck comes early and drags me out of the garden. and on the good days that old tow truck never arrives…..


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