simple and not

this is Flying Trapeze.  this image is just right for solving a certain puzzle.  there is a red seedling that for lack of better description has a dark eyeshadow.  looking at this picture i now know where it comes from.  it also shows up in this seedling -the first image.  so obvious that even i can see it.  five images.   now to check deeper into my notes. the red seedling – last – comes from a bed of migratory plant labels.  you know – pure chaos.

14-096 Flying Trapeze x 13-0704-006 qq Mortica kid img 0955 det flying trapeze IMG_3113 macro flying trapeze IMG_3113 det flying trapeze IMG_3113 grdnflying trapeze kid or 13-061 12-0707-001 tall yellow tet godizza QQQ x 10-018 Nightown x Monster Apotosaurus


7 thoughts on “simple and not

    1. John Hric Post author

      Dan – This is inappropriate response stream of consciousness Saturday. If were having a drink – the only thing carefully blended around here is the whiskey. Oops did I type that out loud ? ! ! It is a pretty flower. And I take no credit for the blending. Now that I am awake again – opposed to the drift off on the couch, wake up, post, and crawl to bed – I need to look up the planting list and see if there was a Fly Trapeze cross in those seeds. Whilst savoring a blended adult beverage. Perhaps with a wee bit of ice in homage to the warmth of the day.


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