for somebody who is not tired

i sure make funny noises.  zzzzzzz.   oops !    these are some flowers from another garden.  they got a little wet today.  and not too wet to enjoy.  first a Hydrangea and then Wrapped in Moonlight.  or today moonlight wrapped in rain drops.  four images…

varigated hydrengea IMG_8458 macro varigated hydrengea IMG_8458 detwrapped in moonlight img 8345 det wrapped in moonlight img 8345 macro


5 thoughts on “for somebody who is not tired

      1. niasunset

        What a beautiful for you all. Next weekend our grandson is coming to visit us. It is the first time for baby, I am so excited now. Thank you dear John, Blessing and Happiness, Love, nia

  1. angela1313

    The colors do complement each other. Wrapped in Moonlight is such a beautiful name and the flower measures up.


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