what’s in a name

hopefully the name has something of the flower.  or a clue to what someone saw in the flower.  or a thought.  or a comment.  or perhaps humor.   or a commentary on some aspect of our life and times.   or we can not worry about the name and just focus on the flower.  in this case the flower looks like this.  the name will come along at the end.

naked x ray technician IMG_8806 naked x ray technician IMG_8805 det naked x ray technician IMG_8807 grdn

and the name Naked X Ray Technician.


5 thoughts on “what’s in a name

    1. John Hric Post author

      I really do not know the reason for the name. I would be guessing. And I have not had enough coffee this morning for that task ! I like the flower both for its looks ( spidery ) and for its genetics. It has Trahlyta in its parentage. Which is one of my favorites. I hope to cross it with other plants out of Trahlyta and see what happens.


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