little plant

big flower.  this is Emotion Sensor.  eventually it will be 37 inches 94 cm tall.  it will take a year or two to grow into it final height after being planted this year.  that did not stop it from having an 8 inch 20.5 cm bloom.  it could be i will enjoy this one.  and i almost forgot – it is a tetraploid with a lot of wiggle and dance.  there will be pollen flying – oh yes.  one image…

emotion sensor IMG_0220


4 thoughts on “little plant

    1. John Hric Post author

      I don’t think I have ever seen Winds of Love before. However all of the online pics really do look a lot like it. Ned Robert’s daylilies are fascinating. However most if not all of his are diploids. Emotion Sensor is a tetraploid. And since I hybridize both tets and dips I find this one very exciting. And that being said Ned’s plants are a lot of fun to hybridize with too ! Thanks !


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