and it rained

three images…

red spider IMG_0813 wet macro 2 red spider IMG_0813 wet macro 1 red spider IMG_0813 wet


10 thoughts on “and it rained

  1. angela1313

    As i work on the yard here, new things come up in places I thought were empty. I now have two blossoms identical to this one in my side bed. Can you tell me the name? It is so lovely..

    1. John Hric Post author

      Angela. Most of the time I have a pretty good idea where something is in the garden. This one at the moment has me lost. I am guessing it is a seedling. So all it would have is a number and not a name. I will try to check later tonight. Often the pictures around it tell me where it is in the garden. Now back to the name question. That is one of the most famous garden puzzles. There are some 80,000 registered daylilies. Most of the red registered dayliles here in my garden do not look like that one. So I am afraid I will not be much help putting a name to that one. Sorry !


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