on a daylily and wakefulness.  the brain must have opted for total reset last night.  i picked the picture and before i could post one of the lobes of the cerebral unit hit the reset button.  massive zzzzzzs ensued.

this is two siblings from a cross of Before You Accuse Me and Pack Hunter.  one has and all yellow throat and the other is one has predominantly white areas in the throat.  ahh the delightful choices.    ….flower shared.  just on a slightly different schedule.

before you accuse me x pack hunter IMG_3197 grdn


2 thoughts on “variations

  1. angela1313

    Must be the weather. I am usually up before dawn, Saturday I slept until 8:00 AM and it was dream sleep, too not just lazy dozing. The lilies were worth the wait, really beautiful.


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