each year a few new plants come to the garden.  bought plants.  eventually they get matched up to other plants.  the first year new plants may only contribute pollen.  growing a seed pod takes a bit more energy from the plant.  and if the year is like this one the plant might not have grown enough to have the energy to spare.  this is a new one.  it is called Coho Mojo, i believe in reference to its salmon color.  it grew fairly well.  still it will take another year for it to get up to its 38 inch 96 cm height.  the flower itself is already blooming at the 8 inch 20.5 cm size.  and the pollen has set several seed pods on other plants.  four images…

Coho Mojo IMG_3073 macro 2 Coho Mojo IMG_3073 macro 1 Coho Mojo IMG_3073 det Coho Mojo IMG_3073 grdn


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