it is not quite what is cherished.  though it can be found there.  this is Tactical Deception.  it is a fairly unusual flower.   while each flower last but one day, during that day the flower changes with the light.  five images…  and as a flower unfolds so shall this.

Tactica Deception IMG_3071 macro 2 Tactica Deception IMG_3070 macro1 Tactica Deception IMG_3070 det 1 Tactica Deception IMG_3071 det 2 Tactica Deception IMG_3070 grdn


10 thoughts on “this

    1. John Hric Post author

      Glad you enjoy the flower. It is a beautiful and interesting one. I am hoping next year is a better growing year for this one. And that it puts on a little better display. As for how long it will take me to get back to feature this one – that is always interesting. Especially when I realize how long that takes for some flowers. Each post there is always the quasi-zen kid in the candy shop moment when I must choose. gee ma can’t I choose them all ! Thanks !


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