and in the end

actually it is not the end.  that old song is just stuck delightfully in my head.  perhaps all in all would be a better start.  this is the second season here in the garden for Contact High.  In spite of the dry year it did come closer to its registered height.  mosty with out any supplemental water.  some plants got spoiled a bit with extra water.  they look better and more importantly usually do a better job of setting pods when they are healthy and watered.  of course there are exceptions to every generality.  i am hoping to set a pod or two on Contact High.  one because of those nice skinny petals with movement.  and two it is supposed to have scapes that do not lean or blow down in the wind.  so far it has lived up to its reputation. added bonus – today’s flower is a poly with 8 petals and sepals.  two images,  and yes it is a little paler this year …

Contact High191058 det Contact Hight 20160802_191058 grdn



6 thoughts on “and in the end

      1. John Hric Post author

        It is a good thing I never embed songs in my posts. And that was definitely a rhetorical question. Which is another door of sorts…

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