in science when you try too hard to study a particle the act of studying throws off the measurement.  very loose translation nature loves a bit of mystery.  my translation.  claiming poetic license.  both nature and science still stand on their own undiminished.  sometimes you just have to take the measurements you can get.  other times stand back in awe.   that is my theory for tonight.  now let us move on ever so little to Talon.  a plant with the claws of nature.  three images…

talon clump IMG_2924 det talon clump IMG_2924 macro 4 talon clump IMG_2923

4 thoughts on “Heisenberg

    1. John Hric Post author

      Talon is a fun plant to hybridize. It usually passes on its form and it often gives up its color. Always fun to see the directions that first generation. Glad you enjoy the flower. It is one that I never tire of seeing. Thanks

    1. John Hric Post author

      Several of the daylilies I planted this year also did not bloom. It happens. Sometimes it is the daylily. I would tend to chalk it up to the roller coaster weather this year. I expect it will give you some lovely blooms next year. The only words of advice patience. Keep treating it just like your other daylilies and it should do just fine.


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