getting to know what you do not know.  getting to know what is partially understood.  getting to know what was really understood right up until being surprised.  nature keeps expanding and altering the rule book.  then again the rule book is always written afterwards with hind sight.  something nature views as genuinely humorous.  a seedling.  the location is generally confirmed.  there will be time in the coming year to get to know this seedling and others.  a few teeth here and there.  and that bottom center petal with ear like little lobes in place of ruffles.  what is that ?  is it a one time surprise ?  is it something that will come back consistently time after time ?  and that is what watching is for.  the silent important part of any conversation watching and listening is where things are learned ?  come into my garden.  five images…

14-000 sdlg IMG_2940 macro3 14-000 sdlg IMG_2940 det 14-000 sdlg IMG_2940 macro2 14-000 sdlg IMG_2940 macro 14-000 sdlg IMG_2940


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