these are not

these are not the flowers you are looking for.   and they are not droids either.  however i do need a flower for tonight.   and under the circumstances these be the ones.  now i could make something else up to say.  that is if it is easier to find words to go with the flowers that were not so easy to find.  if it were not so late i could really run up the word count.  then again the count and even to words are not always so important.  sometimes it is just important to send the flowers.  don’t worry about anything else.  the flowers bring their own serenity.   two images…

ballin the jack 20160802_074942  det ballin the jack 20160802_074942


2 thoughts on “these are not

  1. John Hric Post author

    Hi Dan. It is early and the coffee is just starting to work ( barely). The dark red ones off to the right ? Me too ( oops I like them all ). It is a cross of a dark flower Africa and a yellow one Volcan Fuego. Africa mostly won out – it is shorter and dark like Africa. The flower form and are more like Volcan Fuego. All in all a good thing. Glad you like it !


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