red on red

when you walk into a rainbow how does one choose a sparkle out of thousands.  the garden is full of many sparkling points.  each calls out.  today this one looks most enticing.  tomorrow something else grabs your eye.  sometimes choices are easy.  sometimes they not.  sometimes the flower needs no change.  sometimes it is that step that leads to amazing.  and sometimes it is very good at keeping secrets and drawing you down the path.  three images…

red volcan fuego 20160813_105244 macro red volcan fuego 20160813_105244 det red volcan fuego 20160813_105244 grdn


2 thoughts on “red on red

    1. John Hric Post author

      Dan – it is an annual version. They self seed around the yard. They do not wait till the end of season to bloom. We have both the perennial and annual versions. The perennial was here when we moved in, way back before the dawn of time. And somewhere along the line we planted seeds of the annual version. I will refrain from making a black eye susan rud(e) Becky ahh pun at this juncture. Happy Monday Dan !


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