harvest time

seed pods form after a successful cross.  the first plant has a pod from Highland Pinched Fingers x Trahlyta.  The second plant is Trahlyta and not one of those crosses took.  and now is the time to harvest ripe pods and seeds.  the pods take about 2 months to ripen.  when they are completely ripe they will naturally dry out and split open.  the trick is to watch just before they split open and spill their seeds.  once the scape turns completely brown the pod will usually be ready to split.  once way to test if the pod is ready is to watch for that split or to give the pod a gentle squeeze.  pods that are ready for harvest will split along the seams.  in rainy weather like we are having now it is important to make sure the seeds are dry before they are stored in paper envelopes.  and with this rain plants that had dried out are quickly showing signs of new growth.  and some blooms.  six images…

Highland Pinched Fingers 20160815_174712 seed pods Trahlyta tet 20160815_174647 dry scapes

seed pod 20160815_180058 fresh growth 20160815_174007 fresh growth 20160815_174007 det15-1025-001 20160815_173854


One thought on “harvest time

  1. Wãshē Kōdä

    I had normal blooms this season with only a couple pod clusters, I usually end up many seeds. Must be a slow year in N.E. Tennessee 😉 (did not have any hail or strong storms either?)


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