i’m back

there have been a few plants here that have made that claim.  i have a lot of plants in a limited space.  i plant them close together.  for some plants they are a little too close together.  last summer this plant was so crowded it stayed small all summer.  too small to bloom.  so this summer other plants were pushed back.  trimmed.  and this one grew.  grew enough for a small bloom early in the season.  with the heat of this summer and some supplemental water it grew big enough to rebloom… now.  and even though the season is winding down i am excited.  why?   even though this plant does not compete well with crowding it does compete well with one of the plant diseases.   Galaxy Explosion is highly resistant to daylily rust.  and even though rust is rare here and winter usually cleans it from the region, rust resistance is a very good thing to have.  so today the temperature was right and the pollen was dry and pollen from Galaxy Explosion was spread around the garden.  now to watch for pods to set and swell.  three images…

Galaxy Explosion 20160818_165536 macro Galaxy Explosion 20160818_165536 det Galaxy Explosion 20160818_165536 grdn


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