the picture is the frame for the story.  i look at the big picture and realize it only tells part of the story.  at least the story i hoped to tell.  this picture does not give as much perspective on the height of these plants.  the lavender flower, Odds and Ends is about 32 inches 81cm and Rigamarole is 24 inches 6 cm.  then again showing the height might not do such a good jobs of showing the flowers.  life is often about compromise.  that includes the garden.  so enjoy the flowers and try not to sweat the small stuff.  six images…

rigamrole-img-0972-macro rigamrole-img-0972-det odds-and-ends-n-rigamarole-img_9972-macro odds-and-ends-n-rigamarole-img_9972-det odds-and-ends-n-rigamarole-img_9971-grdn


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