i would rather be wandering the garden than wander the photo albums.   and the later will do just fine now as there are very few blooms – daylily that is – in the garden.  the small white autumn clematis is captivating the bees with its scent and the zinnia are doing their thing.  and eventually i might just snap a picture or two of those flowers.  the daylilies are a fading if pleasant memory.  for now, tonight we wander the albums of summer.  Jack Sprat a purple  and Knower Spider a white sometimes yellow with a gentle purple eye.  With just a touch of Dallas Star lavender and Coleman Hawkins orange at the edges.  six images and a few memories of summer…

knower-spider-img-7834-macro knower spider detknower-spider-n-jack-sprat-img_0855-macro knower-spider-n-jack-sprat-img_0855-det knower-spider-n-jack-sprat-img_0855-grp knower-spider-n-jack-sprat-img_0855-grdn


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